Through continuous use of new technology, materials and modern design tools, ESD Acoustic is at the forefront of market leading design. Every product we

put into the market is representing technological revolutions. In order to let the audiophile experience more in the music world,

ESD Acoustic provides Horns and Drives trade-in & upgrade service to audiophile, so they can easily trade up their

existing all new ESD Aacoustic products and enjoy the sound system being them the fulfillment.

At ESD Acoustic, we hope every music lover can fell more pride and joy at the music world.

01.What is Trade-in & Upgrade Service?

TRADE-IN for UPGRADE is buying any product on , your own drivers and horns of ESD Acoustic brand, which can be repurchased by ESD Acoustic company. The Trade-in price can directly deduct all the purchase cost or part of the purchase cost of ESD Acoustic new products.

02.Which product can enjoy Trade-in for Upgrade Service ?

Whatever you buy directly fromESD Acousticdrivers and horns, or youget from the secondary market, as long as the driversseal intact, no open, as long as the hornswithout deformation, breakage, for resale can buy new products intheourofficial website.The minimum value is not less than 70% of the price of the product (without tax) when the product is sold byESD Acoustic. Theuser need tocost  sending backESD ACOUSTIC(CHINA), including but not limited to packaging, freight, tax, etc.

After we receive the application of theTRADE-IN for UPGRADEreplacement you submitted, we will contact youatthe first time to confirm thenest stepservice process.

03.What are the processes for Trade-in for Upgrade Service ?

TRADE-INforUPGRADE customer------apply TRADE-INforUPGRADE( include your new catalogue )product instructions andmacroscopic irregularity statement-----signTRADE-INforUPGRADE contract----Payment-----New product delivery

04.How to evaluate the products?

Trade-in for upgrade product,users need to provide comprehensive and detailed description of product status on our website, and attach relevant pictures, especially those that have damaged appearance and damaged parts. The drivers of replacement should ensure that the original factory seal is intact and not been opened.After receiving the application, ESD Acoustic will be communicated with the user within three working days, and the product will be evaluated objectively and impartially.

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