Stereophile—Ken's report from the NYAS

2018-12-12 09:54:22

Even the more unusual demonstrations, such as the massive $800,000 ESD Acoustic horn system, provided the kind of over-the-top experience one rarely encounters at any time, anywhere. When ESD Acoustic's Sales Manager Nicole He offered tea, and designer Jacky Dai played The Carpenter's "Close to You" over their six-horn, 23-component system, I for one felt a tear. Hal Blaine's drums and Karen Carpenter's voice were never so thunderous or awe-inducing.

译文:在此次2018纽约音响展上那巨大80万美金的隐士音响号角系统,带来了人们在任何时间、任何地点都很到的超越极致的体验。当销售经理何晓明女士奉上一杯茶,设计师戴中天先生开始在他们六只号角、23個部件組成的庞大系统上播放卡朋特的“Close to You”时,我真的眼泪!Hal Blaine的鼓与Karen Carpenter的歌喉从没有如此震撼或使人颤栗过。